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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jane, stop this crazy thing!

First post.   I never thought of myself as a blogger, but I do love to write.  And I do love to create scrap pages.  And I am trying out for design teams that ask for my blog address.  So...voila!  Welcome to my blog!

Now, let me tell you about the ideas I have swimming in my head for my next scrap page.  I just turned 34 about a month ago, and since then I've been trying a bunch of new things.  I've planted my first vegetable garden, and aside from not realizing the cucumbers would take over the joint, it's not doing too terribly bad.  Those cucumbers are incidious, let me tell you.  They have made several moves on my green and red peppers, but I continue to amputate their grasping tendrils and the peppers live to grow another day!

Then, my mother-in-law visited from Ohio and taught my seven year old how to knit.  Well, I decided if the seven year old could handle it (admittedly, she is near genius, but still), then I could too.  So, I learned how to knit.  That scarf may be holey, but it's MY creation.  It will only take three more winters to be ready for my younger daughter at the rate I'm working on it. 

Next on the list of new...I completed my first 5K race.  Note the word "completed".  I'm not going to say I ran it.  I didn't.  I'm not going to say I'm an athlete.  I'm not.  But, I'm a finisher.  That descriptor I can claim.  And, I finished it better than I thought I would.  You should try it sometime!  It's quite cathartic! 

Then I had three firsts at one time.  I bought my first fishing license, reeled in my first three fish, and caught my first case of poison ivy all on the same day.  Yay!  The family led me to this great fishing hole where the fish sit with mouths opened wide for any and all worms.  Unfortunately, it's a little off the beaten path.  Right off into a path of poison ivy, apparently.

Coming up soon on my list....learning to drive a stick shift.  My husband joyfully has our family's brand new (to us) car all to himself because it's a stick shift, and I am stick shift stupid.  Enough!  I shall learn...and then I shall STEAL!  :P  He will regret teaching me this, I vow....

So, all of these events combine to make me a new woman.  I think it needs to be celebrated on a scrap layout...  Stay tuned for the result to come!


Anonymous said...

Wendy, this is just wonderful. What fun reading
it and learning about you and your love of Life.
Your cucumber picture is GREAT and the cucumber
looks really yummy. You are blessed with so many
I am looking forward to the next blog from you.
Have a super great day.

Anonymous said...

I love blogs!!!!!!! I will read this constantly if you read mine! www.xanga.com/sahansen43 .

Hope you write nonsense every once in a while!!!! I love nonsense blogs! they make me laugh!

- Sam

Heather Landry said...

I really love the background you went with! It's so bright and fun. Congrats on finishing a 5K! That's just totally awesome. I am very impressed! Sorry about the poison ivy. That stuff is awful. I hope you're better soon. Good luck with the stick shift. I could do it in an emergency if I had to but I don't like it!

Mom said...

You have been writing great stuff from all the way back in grade school. Can't wait to see this continue!


Michelle said...

This is funny, Wendy!! I am glad you enjoyed fishing.. well minus the poison ivy. Never any fun!! Congrats on the 5K run. I don't know that I could do it. Running is not my thing, but biking... now that I can handle. Yes, cucumbers will take off like a house-a-fire!!! Watch out for those little suckers!! Pumpkins too, if you ever decide you want to plant them. Make sure they have PLENTY of room. We found out last year!! And driving a stick... well, if I can do it, anyone can!! You can do it! It is all just timing between your gas pedal and the clutch. I can't wait to see more of your creations!! :)

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