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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simply Fabulous! (Simple Stories)

Have you ever had a collection you loved so much that you were afraid you'd never find such a perfect collection again?  That's the way I feel about Simple Stories "Fab{U}lous" collection!  With my two zany, bright and sparkly daughters, the playful colors, patterns and symbols of this collection were just amazing.  It was love at first sight when I saw them on the Simple Stories blog.  It was sheer joy when they came into my LSS, and I was able to get creating!
I've made a total of seven layouts with the Fabulous collection, and now I'm out of the papers.  I'm thinking about stocking back up for those teenage years though.  :)
Without further ado....
 Sometimes I struggle with papers that already have so many designs printed on them, but this layout fell into place easily.  I loved how the journaling block was built right in, and I added some faux stitching (my sewing machine is broken--boo!) to the edges of the layout to keep the eye brought back into that picture of my girl singing her heart out!  Here's an up-close of the journaling for the full story...

I had so much fun taking the sticker of the birds on the wire and hanging the title "fabulous" from it with the letter stickers! It felt like this layout of my girls with one of their cousins just built itself.

When Erin saw this flowered paper, she fell in love with it and begged me to do a layout of her with this paper.  Of course, I had to comply with her wishes.  I love these baby pictures of her--the scab on her forehead and all!  :)  I layered a total of four of my papers for this one, and used the border punch liberally.

Here's another baby picture of Erin.  Since I was just learning how to scrap when she was a baby, there have been times when I've gone back to a picture of her earlier years I either missed or didn't scrap quite the way I would nowadays.  I planned ahead to mix a lot of papers and patterns on this layout to go with another picture where her clothing is all mismatched, but the colors just wouldn't work together.  In the end, I think *this* was the picture meant to go with this page anyway!

 This is a recent picture of my two beauties--if you count recent as being from last summer!  Seriously, the laughing faces and clasped hands just pull on my Mommy heartstrings.  It's probably my favorite picture of them together-ever-so far, anyway.  I took the paper and cut a hole in the middle for the picture to come through as a sort of frame.  I used the pictures of flowers printed on the paper as a guide for placing some of my real (very neglected) stash of flowers.  They truly are such good friends, and, as an only child, I am so glad they have each other!

This picture from around 4 years ago catches at my heart too.  Erin has always been so attached to me, and it doesn't hurt my feelings at all that she's a Mommy's girl.  She's going into second grade now, and she still loves to be up on my lap cuddling with me.  I look at my face and see pure joy at being her mother. 
This really is me.

Ha!  My girls are growing up--especially Paige--and they were thrilled to wear "high" heels for this year.  Paige still wears them as often as we'll let her, and she loves to wear them around the house and clomp through our kitchen because of the sound they make. 
Click. Clack. Click. Clack.
They make her feel so much older.  :) 
I had some fun with the bingo cards here and the bold colors.

Thanks for taking a peek at my turn with the Fab{U}lous collection!! 
:)  Wendy