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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plowing Through the Backlog of Pictures!

Today, I took a little R and R and sat down at my scrapping table starting at 8:45 am.  Yep, I downed my bowl of Lucky Charms (since I have young children, I can raid their cereal supply), and I dove into some crafting.  With the whole family having been sick over the course of the past two weeks, we were pretty down and out and just into survival mode.  Now that we have recovered, I could PLAY a little!

I started with some new supplies I picked up at my LSS, The Scrapbook Nook, yesterday.  I've had this picture of Erin since last May, but only today did I finally have the right paper for it.  Fittingly, it's a paper from Fancy Pants "Lilac House" line.  I was going for a very soft, romantic feeling with this picture, and these colors worked for me.  I also used my new punch I got yesterday, and the journaling card too!  It's funny how just a few purchases can jump start some creativity.
This LO includes some Basic Grey Kioshi as well which I picked up a year ago, and I haven't used at all.  I love how the soft colors and spring theme worked for this picture of my Erin.  I also used my favorite technique taught to me many moons ago by Vanessa, the owner of the Scrapbook Nook.  I put adhesive foam on the back of the butterflies and bird stickers and then powdered the rest of the sticky back away.  Instant dimension!

While digging in my scrap drawers for some goodies to use, I found this LO I'd been working on a few weeks ago and got frustrated with at the time.  So, I shoved it out of sight and walked away.  It still wound up being very simple, but I was able to finish it up today.  These pictures are from Christmas TWO years ago!  My best friend, Anita, bought my girls complete muffin/cupcake baking sets, and then they had some quality time together in the kitchen.

After doing two LO's of Erin, I knew I'd better turn my attention to Paige or I'd be in deep Mommy doo-doo.  This Christmas, Paige had her gift dream come true--Santa got her a DS like her friends have.  She really wasn't expecting to get one (I LOVE that about her), so when she opened it, she was honestly surprised.  I used some Reminisce Unwritten papers, flowers, journaling cards, borders and stickers I still had in my stash from summer 2009.  Feels good to dig out some of my stash and make it useful again!  Plus, the colors were perfect for the color of Paige's new DS!  Matchy, matchy!  :)

For my final bit of fun on the day, I did both of my girls' first days of school LO's using all October Afternoon papers and stickers.  I love that company!  I pulled out all of the journaling die cut cards from one of their lines, and used the leftover sheet to create a frame for my LO.  In this way, I was able to fit in several pictures from both of their first days on one 12x12, and it was seriously a LOT of fun!  In fact, I did Paige's first, and loved it so much that I dug back into my stash so I could do a mirror one for Erin too!

Tomorrow is an eventful day in our lives here.  My Paige will be turning EIGHT years old.  I can hardly believe it was that long ago that I cuddled my baby girl in my arms for the first time.  We are having a bowling party, so I'm expecting to get some fun photos!  :)

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy End of January!!  ~Wendy