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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Way Too Soon!

I've loved this picture of Erin since the day I took it.  She was on top of the bathroom counter, staring at her own reflection, and just grinning at herself.  As soon as I saw KaiserCraft's Bubblegum Hill collection, I knew I wanted to use the 6.5x6.5 pad to make a quilted heart, and I knew this picture was the one to use with it.  Plus, I got to play with my favorite new scrapbooking toy--my sewing machine!  (Which then ate my paper when the bobbin threw a temper tantrum, but I covered it up with a triangle of leftover paper, and it looks like I meant to do that, right??!  Right.)

I put the last finishing touches on this LO tonight as the girls were eating cereal for dinner (yes, it's one of THOSE nights), and I overheard them talking about the nutritional values of their cereals.  Erin exclaimed, "Mine has fat!"  And then I heard her saying more quietly, "I am getting fat."  Oh, the heartbreak!!  People, she is FIVE years old.  She is beautiful.  But someone important in her life recently told her she was getting chunky.  (Yes, I wanted to wring his neck!), and the last time we were at the pediatrician's, her doctor mentioned she had gone up on percentiles, and we needed to be concerned about that.

Soon spring will come, the snow will melt, and it will be easier to get out and about for more exercise.  We are encouraging her to stop eating when she is full--I am NOT a proponent of the clean plate club.  And certainly, I need to set a better example with my own eating habits. 

But she is perfect and beautiful, and I'm not going to let her start feeling like anything else at age five.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digging Out From Under the Snowdrifts?

Well, you'd think that with the date of March 22nd, winter would have been OVER.  You'd be wrong if you live in Michigan.  Darn you, Puxatawny Phil...you lied!  So, our spring break was SUPPOSED to start tomorrow, Friday, March 25th...but....we've had the past two days of school off because of snow and ice.  Can you believe it??

In honor of winter's neverending grip upon my state, here are a bunch of Crate Paper "Snow Day" line layouts!  Two of these are from our last major snowstorm and THREE snow days off in a row--on Groundhog's Day.  I should have known then!!  :)

So with this year's snow days and a couple of Christmas layouts taken care of, I was ready to turn my attention to Christmas cookie decorating from LAST year...

Hungry yet?  Maybe it's time for a tea party with Grandpa all dressed up too--wearing a flower on his hat, and his fancy WORK gloves!

Maybe we should work off some of those calories with a little exercise...we can go for a run...

OR, we could do a little cheerleading!

Now maybe we should go to school for a little book learnin'...

And just for your viewing pleasure, check out this face!!

Gotta LOVE it!
Hope you're warmer than we are, and happy SPRING break!  :)