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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Her Wish (When You Wish Upon a Star)

My Mind's Eye is running a sketch challenge on their blog, and the theme of your layout also has to include song lyrics.  Here is the sketch by Anam Stubbington...

When I participate with a sketch challenge, I really like to print the sketch out.  That way, I can rotate it around and see it from different view points.  When I turned this sketch upside down, I found my inspiration!

I used the song, "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinnochio because my daughter, Erin, had been wishing for months on every star she could find.  She REALLY wanted to lose a tooth.  She felt like the kindergarten world was leaving her behind!  At the dentist in February, they told her that her bottom two teeth were loose.  For the next two and a half months, she worked those teeth like crazy!

Finally, on May 3rd at 8:07 (one hour after I put her to bed), we heard footsteps thundering towards us. "I lost it!" she triumphantly announced. She'd laid in bed for the past hour wiggling that tooth! The funny thing was, her other bottom tooth came out only three days later while she was at school.
 Her wish finally came true!

I was so excited on my birthday weekend to find a new scrapbook store that carries My Mind's Eye and more specifically the Alphabet Soup collection.  Love it! 
Thanks for stopping in!!  :)  Wendy

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