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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will Christmas Ever End?

Apparently not, because I keep working on a backlog of Christmas pictures from this Christmas AND last!  Here's the story of how Erin Grace wound up with a giant stuffed frog for this Christmas.  She had neglected to mention to Santa that she wanted one until we went to see Jolly Old St. Nick on the Santa train in our hometown.  It was there, just a short time before Christmas, that she shared with him her dearest wish for a stuffed frog.  Luckily, that Santa, he's a smart guy and he managed to still get her one on such short notice!  I included the news story that ran in our local paper with the girls' pictures and their wishes.  They were on the front page!  Santa ~had~ to come through!

Okay, this next layout isn't Christmas, but it FINALLY happened the day after Christmas.  We had planned on letting Paige get her ears pierced on her sixth birthday as she had been asking for them to be done.  So, we drove to our friendly local Walmart, and took her in.  I'll spare you the gory details, so I'll just say it was a NO GO at that time.  Fast forward nearly two years later, and at only one month shy of eight years old, Paige finally felt ready for this life changing event.  It really did change my life--I still have the scars from holding her while they did the piercing.  (kidding!).

Not to be outdone, Valentine's Day wants its share of the holiday glory.  I used a line I bought last year, and some close-ups I'd saved of the girls to make these two layouts.  The Little Yellow Bicycle 10 Things I Love About You pockets were fun to use!

Craving just a little bit of sunshine and summer on this April 17th day when it snowed (yes, I am not kidding this time!) and accumulated on the ground, I have a picture of the girls from last summer.  I used Echo Park's "A Walk in the Park" line and my trusty sewing machine.  (Oh, how I love you sewing machine!)

For you Echo Park purists, yes, the color is a little off here.  Like I said.  Snow.  Clouds. 
No good natural light to take the picture.

My poor friend who was visiting me this from Ohio said, "There's snow on the ground." 
 (Imagine that spoken in a horror-filled voice)
"That's not snow," I told her.
"What is it then?" she asked.
"Dandruff." was my reply. 
 I think it works.  They're both yucky--especially at this time of year!

:)  Thanks for stopping!!  ~Wendy

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Michelle said...

LMBO at the dandruff comment!!!! Oh I needed that this morning!! Yes, what in the world is this white stuff we keep getting??? You know.. it is STILL in our forecast! Rain and snow mix this week. Someone want to tell Mother Nature it is the 3rd week of April!!!

Such great pages, my dear!!! I love them! Love the stories that go with them too!!

have a great week!!!

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