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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tick, Tock, I Keep Hearing the Clock...

...reminding me that school is due to start soon.  Don't get me wrong, I really do like my job teaching second graders.  And I love my students.  It's just that a girl can get used to being a stay at home Mom and having some extra scrappy time.  So, I'm making the most of what time I have left!

Since last night, I've made four new LO's.  These are DT work for my LSS.

First up, Paige's performance in the Halloween Hustle last year.  Eh, we'll not talk about how this LO is a little behind the times, okay?  Anyway, Paige has quite a gift for running, and during this mile race she was the third first grader to cross the line.  Not only that, she was also the first girl in her grade.  Woo hoo!  Welcome to Proud Parentville, population two!  She ran the mile in 9:28.  Pretty good for a 6 1/2 year old, I think! 
I wanted to challenge myself to use the Pink Paislee Starlight collection in a different way than the other two LO's I've made with it.  It's supposed to be a Fourth of July line, but I think it's very versatile for other topics!
I had a hard time getting a good picture of this one, but it's sunshiney yellow and dark blue in real life.

Next up, Erin's preschool graduation.  (Well, at least that was in May...I'm not quite so far behind on this one!).  She had a GREAT preschool year, and she learned so much.  Not only that, but during our conferences, her teacher always made a point of telling us how Erin was a kind friend to all of the other students in the class.  That just warms my heart.  This LO is all from the We R Memory Keepers Show and Tell line.  The glittered alphas were so much fun to play with, and layering the thicker alphas on the top of them just mad me happy!  :)

Then, I used a very recent photo from Paige (taken in July) to play with those glittery alpha squares some more.  Yes, they are just THAT much fun!

The story of the LO is really the icons around it and the wishes I have to go with them for her. Journaling around the edge reads: "May the sun shine warm on your face. May you always take time to fly a kite or enjoy a popsicle. May the wonders of nature, the rainbow, the trees, and the sweet songs of the birds fill you with the wonder of God. May your family and friends always be as loyal as elephants are. May you take the time to wish on dandelion fluff and dance in the rain. May your heart leap with joy, and may you be as wise as an owl." I know some of those are cliche, but that's what I came up with.

Finally, one more of Erin.  These are pictures of her from last...February...or so.  See, this is why I need to scrap so much during the summer.  There is NO time during the school year.  Anyway...  Here is Erin clowning around with her gorilla. She LOVES to get her picture taken and pulls many faces and moods like she's a model.  I took the angle of how a fuzzy blanket and a stuffed animal can be the ticket to happiness. :) The middle shot is framed with a transparency cut out in over the picture. I wanted the photo to stay crisp and clear. This is all My Mind's Eye So Sophie collection.

I seldom work with red papers, so this was extra fun!

That's it for now, folks.  We're off to turn these LO's in and to visit the library.  I need to get some more summer fun reading in too!  Thanks for taking the time to visit...I really appreciate it!  :)  Wendy


Michelle said...

These are so cool!!! You have been on a HUGE scrappy roll this summer!!! :D Don't feel bad.. Brit is 12 1/2 and I have a TON of her photos to scrap. I struggle just to try and keep up on the current. I need to quit taking so many.. but I think I love photography as much as scrapping sometimes more!!! School for us is in exactly 2 weeks. We are trying to make our vacation go out with a bang and do all kinds of things. Instead of preschool for Ben this year, I am going to find some preschool cirriculum like things and do them at home. Alittle out of reach right now financially. So, weekly trips to the library for preschool story hour and other things will keep him busy.

aunt Joan said...

Hi Wendy, I so enjoy all your scrapbook pix of the girls and your comments. You are so good at it. I couldn't help thinking all the hours of fun the girls are going to have showing them off to their friends and someday their own kids!By then, maybe you can be doing your grand children and having more time.......don't count on it tho! lol Love, Aunt Joan

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